Share Your Unit4 Expertise at Connect 2018!

Calling all speakers! Connect 2018 is offering a unique opportunity for you to showcase the innovative and cutting-edge ways you are using your Unit4 solutions at the upcoming conference in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 18 & 19. Conference delegates often find sessions presented by other Unit4 customers to be the most valuable, so we hope to augment the program with relevant and applicable content from the people who know us best – you!

Benefits of being a speaker include:

  • A complimentary conference pass for the primary speaker, and a 20% discount for the secondary speaker;
  • Positioning yourself and your organization as forward-thinking industry leaders;
  • Recognition throughout the conference and on the website, mobile app, and brochure; and
  • Networking with and inspiring Unit4 staff and other product users from across North America!

If you’re interested in speaking at this event, then we want to hear from you! The deadline to submit a proposal is Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at midnight.

Click here to submit your proposal now!

Unit4 Connect

What is Unit4 Connect?

Digital is changing the world and the way you work. This is creating fascinating new opportunities for your business and it's time to rethink being in business for people.

At Unit4 Connect, experience our largest training and networking event including intensive, hands-on training, educational workshops, keynote speakers, social events, and more.