Unit4 Connect

What is Unit4 Connect?

Digital is changing the world and the way you work. This is creating fascinating new opportunities for your business and it's time to rethink being in business for people.

At Unit4 Connect, experience our largest training and networking event including intensive, hands-on training, educational workshops, keynote speakers, social events, and more.

The buzz from Unit4 Connect

  • Great sessions and so much information to take back to the office. Look forward to 2017!

    Melody Sabin, Registrar

  • Learned a lot and had a great time at Unit4 Connect 2016! Hopefully will get to come back for #u4c2017

    Jill Ross, General Accounting Manager

  • Thank you, Unit4, for another solid Unit4 Connect - Security, Excelerator & Mardi Gras were my highlights!

    Douglas Smith, VP, Director of Application Development

  • Successful demonstration of the intelligent travel booking bot with travel request proactively filled, very cool!

    Roland Flutet, IT Manager

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