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    What is Unit4 Connect?

    Unit4 Connect 2017 is our largest training and networking event set to educate and inspire you to become even more engaged and productive using your Unit4 solution. At Connect 2017 you'll be able to:

    • leverage your Unit4 solution to its maximum ability and see what's in store for the future
    • get inspired from other like-minded business professionals
    • collaborate and connect with people from all over the world

    Unit4 Connect includes over 100 training sessions that cover a broad range of interests for every level of user, in all product areas. Whether you are a brand new user or a seasoned veteran you will leave Palm Springs feeling inspired, knowledgeable and motivated to take your organization to the next level.

  • Unit4 Connect

    Why Attend?

    We know you're here to learn something new and invigorating but we also know that the location, food, and parties make it even more exciting.

    Learn what’s new and what’s coming. Get a look into the future of Unit4’s products. Explore and test drive new solutions and our most up–to-date versions.

    Make your job easier. Learn how to get the most out of your Unit4 solution, receive training on the latest and greatest Unit4 has to offer, and refuel with ideas and tools you can put to work for you!

    Meet with Unit4 experts. Meet product experts in person to work through any problems you may be facing.

    Earn CPE Credits. Unit4 offers all CPA-holding delegates CPE Credits for each course attended.

    Have fun. We’re hard at work making sure you’ll have a great time. You’ll have access to networking, social events, keynote speakers and more.

What is Unit4 Connect?

Digital is changing the world and indefinitely changing the way you work. This is creating fascinating new opportunities for your business and it's time to rethink being in business for people. It's the "Future at Work."

At Unit4 Connect, experience the "Future at Work" in our largest 5 day training and networking event including intensive, hands-on training, educational workshops, keynote speakers, social events, and more. The future at work is at your reach.

Learning focuses on three people productivity levers

  • Create services with no technical limits to how fast you could introduce new sound business ideas.

    Unit4 Connect
  • Experience a world where technology elevates the skills of every worker to scale the impact of what they do best.

    Unit4 Connect
  • See how your business would benefit if technology removed all the non-value adding tasks across your staff.

    Unit4 Connect

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